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Sex is a lot like science class, you experiment, wear lab coats, Bill Nye is there.


cool book idea: asexual characters

Anonymous asked: Can you draw Groot?


The movie isn’t out here yet! :’c Is it good?

steve rogers + cards against humanity (insp.)


I’m going to hell for laughing at this for like 5,000 years

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful <3

Thank you, babe. :)

I remember going onto the set on the very first day and saying to David 'Wheres the Tardis? Where is it?'

alignment: chaotic gay


my favorite tidbit about rome is that in the mid-1800s one of the popes didnt like the statues in rome having dicks so he ordered them knocked off. fast forward to the last decade or so and art historians in conjunction with the vatican are trying to erm. restore. the statues. but the dicks were just. kept in a box. so art historians are going around rome, with a box of dicks, trying to match them up to their owner.

  • Me: *pulls up next to you blasting Phantom of the Opera*
  • you: i dont like brendon urie
  • me: and that's fine! that's totally fine. you dont have to. no one's forcing you! it's no big deal! it's just your opinion!
  • me irl: what hte FUCK what the fucking fuck waht the fuck did you just say about brnedon urie hwat the fuck what the fuck what the fuck?? wha tthe ufck??you say these things, you shit on all i stand for, all i love, on this, the day of my daughter's wedding,, fuck you


me: *arrives at party*

me: so who wants to talk about institutionalized racism




i wasted my last bagel my life is over

just get some bread and cut out a circle

i have never been so offended in my entire life